The Power of Association- Associations help people band together for a common interest. Vermont's independent electrical contractors have brought together an organization of open shop electrical contractors who believe in the free enterprise philosophy. This association of independent electrical contractors and related businesses creates power and influence in the legislature and regulatory arenas.

VIECA supports the electrical industry

  • VIECA is the only statewide association, which represents the interest of independent electrical contractors in Vermont.
  • VIECA, in 1992 established and now supports the Apprenticeship Training program. Through a series of Electrical Code Seminars, this program trains new people to become better, independent electricians. VIECA has contributed thousands of dollars to this program from its Apprenticeship Fund and provides scholarships to deserving applicants.
  • VIECA utilizes its staff and hires a lobbyist to provide a presence and influence the Vermont Legislative process. VIECA participates in, and keeps its membership abreast of, important issues that affect the electrical industry.
  • VIECA monitors the activity of the Vermont Electrical Licensing Board and the Vermont Apprenticeship Council.
  • VIECA participates in the workforce development initiative sponsored by the Associated General Contractors, and by so doing, encourages young people to enter the trade, as well as working to standardize the quality of the training that they receive.
VIECA will help you to become a better contractor
  • VIECA provides its members with the opportunity to network with each other through a variety of events, such as dinner meetings, golf tournaments and regular membership meetings. VIECA works to find the best speakers available to assist you in learning about innovative changes in the industry. Through these functions, you will establish better working relationships with suppliers, distributors, utility companies and state electrical inspectors.
  • VIECA publishes a print and electronic newsletter jointly with the Associated General Contractors of Vermont distributed to all VIECA members. The newsletter provides you with up to date information as to what is happening within the industry. You can also advertise your company, thus increasing your exposure within the industry.