The objectives of the Vermont Independent Electrical Contractors Association are:
   a.         To constantly improve industry standards in personnel and performance.
   b.         To provide a forum for expressing the collective voice of electrical contractors.
   c.         To encourage basic apprenticeship and advanced journeyman training.
   d.         To cultivate a cooperative spirit, respecting rules for fair competition.
   e.         To main friendly relations with all branches of the construction industry.
   f.          To support the National Electrical Code and other recognized standards.

There are two types of members in VIECA:
a. Electrical Contractor Member:  Electrical Contractor members shall be those persons, firms, or corporations who are qualified electrical contractors who do business of plan to do business in the State of Vermont, and who comply with the conditions set forth in the By-Laws.
b. Associate Member:  Associate members are those persons, firms, or corporations who aredirectly or indirectly associated with the members of this corporation. Associate members include suppliers, vendors, professional affiliates and other associated businesses.