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Legislative Update- Veto Session and Whats Next.
That’s a Wrap: Another Legislative Session Ends with Big Changes Ahead
Governor Phil Scott Announces: More work to do
Legislative Update- May 13, 2024
Legislative Update- April 8, 2024
Legislative Update- March 25, 2024
Legislative Update- February 26, 2024
CBO Releases Long-Term Budget Outlook
William Shouldice and Associates Lobbying Report
Governor Phil Scott 2025 Budget Address
AGC Lawsuit Against Gov’t-Mandated PLAs
Legislative Update- January 15, 2024
Annual Meeting- Legislator Panel
Towing Lien Public Process
Dodge Momentum Index, ISM services survey show mixed trends for construction in October
New Davis Bacon Rule Effective October 23
AGC to White House: No PLA Mandate
September construction employment, hourly wages climb; August job openings hold, spending rises
Supply chain improves—with exceptions, AGC firms say; ConstructConnect finds less project ‘stress’
“Run to Win” Election Advocacy Program Takes Home Gold
Construction Advocacy in Action
May construction employment rose in 64% of metros; cost increases remain ‘problematic,’ says RLB
Legislative Update- June 26, 2023
Regulatory Update- Surface Water Withdrawl Requirements
2023 Year End Vermont Legislative Report – Session Adjourns Late Friday Night
Legislative Update- April 10, 2023
Construction employment climbs in 45 states in February; Dodge, ConstructConnect reports diverge
William Shouldice And Associates Lobbying Report
‘We’re not going to have one’: AGC economist dismisses a 2023 recession
Legislative Update- February 27, 2023
Legislative Update- February 13, 2023
The week of February 6 was evidence that time is running tight leaving only a few working weeks prior to crossover.
Legislative Update- January 30, 2023
As we close the first month of the 2023 Vermont Legislative session bills are being introduced and the hard work of its members begins
Construction spending slips in October; job openings top hires; Beige Book signals slowing demand
Legislative Update- November 28, 2022
The elections over and we have all just had a few days to reflect over the Thanksgiving holiday about the world we live in.
2022 Election Recap w/The AGC/VT and VIECA Lobbying Team
ANR Updating Wetlands Mapping
Over the next few weeks Vermonts Agency of Natural Resources will be travelling around the state for public comment on updates to their wetlands rules.
Bid prices outpace input costs in September but several costs jump; new supply problems emerge
Contractors' input costs declined again on balance in September, while bid prices rose
Elections Have Consequences
The most pivotal election in Vermont politics is happening on November 8. “Who Vermonters elect to serve them in the Vermont House and Senate will determine the course of our future for years to come,” said Matt Musgrave.
Government Will Not Enforce Federal Contractor Vaccine Mandate
On August 31, 2022, the Safer Federal Workforce Task Force announced that the Federal Government “will take no action to implement or enforce Executive Order 14042
Administrative Rulemaking- Climate and Hazardous Waste
The Vermont Agency of Natural Resources and Department of Environmental Conservation have been hard at work developing rules on several issues.
Some input costs fall in July, while bid prices climb; employment climbs but so do job openings
Contractors’ input costs declined on balance in July, while bid prices accelerated, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data posted on Thursday.
Remember: GO VOTE!
Burgers and Candidate Interviews
Wow the first gathering of the 2022 Burgers and Brew Tour was a great success. We were pleased to not only have members and staff but we had about 15 local politician and two statewide candidates come to visit.
Forty-Three States & D.C. Add Construction Jobs During the Past Year, But Only 22 States Added Construction Jobs Between April & May Amid Labor and Supply Shortages
Texas & New Mexico Have Strongest Gains Since May 2021, While Kentucky & Hawaii Have Worst Declines; Texas & Minnesota Top Lists of One-Month Increases, New York & North Dakota Lose Most Last Month
Construction spending dips in May; two-thirds of metros add jobs; aggregate, cement prices climb
Construction spending (not adjusted for inflation) totaled $1.78 trillion in May at a seasonally adjusted annual rate, down 0.1% from the upwardly revised April total but up 9.7% year-over-year (y/y), the Census Bureau reported today.
Campaign Season Update
The AGC/VT and VIECA lobbying team have already begun preparing for the upcoming election.
Employers to see unemployment insurance tax relief as part of annual determination process
The Vermont Department of Labor has announced that effective July 1, 2022, employer unemployment insurance (UI) contributions, or taxes, will decrease as the UI tax schedule moves from Schedule III to Schedule I.
Government Affairs- Switching Gears
Shouldice and Associates Lobbying Report
The Budget Dance continues between the House, the Senate, and the Governor. The Senate passed the budget, the earliest in recent history, and although “it made steps in the right direction” for the Governor, it may not be enough to keep him from pulling out his veto pen.
Legislative Update- April 11, 2022
The first week of April had a similar feeling to the last week of the legislature which usually occurs at the end of May.. Rumors were floating around the state house that the legislature was seeking to adjourn by May 6th.
William Shouldice And Associates Lobbying Report
Legislative Update- February 14, 2022
Governor Scott has vetoed H.157 which would have required residential home contractors to register with the Office of Professional regulation.
Governor Philip B. Scott Fiscal Year 2023 Budget Address
Two weeks ago, I shared the optimism I have for the opportunity before us. In my 21 years in public life, there has never been a more transformative moment.
Legislative Update- January 10, 2022
The Vermont General Assembly reconvened on Tuesday, January 4th to start the 2022 legislative session. This was not a normal start to a session as the world is still caught in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Statehouse Preparations Continue
We are a little over a month away from the return of the Vermont Legislature to the statehouse (or some hybrid form) for the 2022 session.